Apple Introduced the iBook 2 and iBooks Author: Textbook Re-invented


Apple uses the basic textbook, namely quality content, adding the benefits of the iPad : portable, durable, lightweight, interactive and always up to date. iBooks 2 provides new ways to consult with educational content: the videos have the spotlight, but it is also possible to "dive" into the interactive content with a simple pinch fingers. Thumbnail can easily find the page you want to see a slip of the finger. 3D models can look at an object from all angles. 


New features allow more freedom to lay out the books. The legends are related to parts of the illustrations to put forward a simple touch. Similarly, the built-in dictionary gives the definition of any word, and these may include illustrations. 

It's fine to offer interactive manual of a new genus, it is still necessary to create them. It is a new application can be named Author iBooks This application for Mac to create digital books, especially textbooks, as simply as possible (a task that previously was anything but easy). The software offers different templates for the opening created by Apple applications like iWork. The toolbar is located on the top of the window, left the pages are displayed, and content is the central square. Editing is like Page, Keynote and Numbers . 



Just drag and drop a Word or Pages to import the contents in the book. Widget button allows you to create interactive content, such as an image gallery, or a 3D model, all without having to program anything: simple presentations made ​​with Keynote can add interactive content.But if you want to go further interactivity, you can make your content an HTML and JavaScript. A glossary system allows you to go further on each run, by adding definitions and images. The software allows you to see that direct rendering such 'iPad will be in portrait mode, saving considerable time


iBooks Author Features

  • Free
  • Built in templates
  • Interactive elements
  • Drag and drop controls for layout creation
  • Ability to embed Javascript and/or HTML 5
  • Multimedia glossary creation
  • Preview on iPad
  • 3D Models

In books, images can make room for slide shows. The research gives all the pages, and the context where the search word appears. But it is also possible to go to a specific page by typing its number in the search.

Each lesson can incorporate a lot of multiple choice questions, the student knows immediately if he has given a correct answer or not. Different options are possible, such as drag and drop the image response, etc..




You can highlight text by simply sliding your finger on it, a tap will change the color of the highlight. A button is used to annotate the text at leisure in the left margin. All notes and highlights, are accessible from a dedicated page. It is even possible to make "flash cards", a popular method of learning in the United States, the question on one side of a card and answer the other.

The iBookStore now includes a section dedicated to textbooks




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