Apple Introduced the iOS 8


Apple has released iOS 8 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch at the WWDC presentation in San Francisco. iOS 8 is the first major iOS update that Apple has unveiled since the total redesign of iOS 7.  iOS 8 introduces new features such as interactive notifications, widgets for the Message Center, a smarter spotlight, the Health app, and more.

Interactive notifications

ios-8-notificationApple added in iOS eight interactive notifications. This makes it possible to tap from iMessage notification. Example, a response message You will not need more to go. To the Messages app You activate the reaction field by swiping down. The push message A quick swipe to unlock screen displays the special buttons, so you can choose to type a response. From there This also makes it possible to accept a calendar appointment or refuse, without starting. Agenda app On Facebook notifications from the notification banner can even leave a like immediately.

Message Center with widgets

ios-8-widgets-221x480Developers can develop eight widgets from iOS. In this way, they can show you. App information in the Message Center A sports app this example show football results in the Message Center. The eBay app is a widget to display the objects you are bidding on, then you can place. Directly from the widget a new bid In previous iOS versions Message Center had widgets, but this feature was limited to a few ingrained apps like Stocks app. The function is free to use for all app developers.

Contacts in multitasking

ios-8-multitasking-270x237The multitask screen in iOS 8 shows the top of the screen you recently used contact. Pressing twice on the home button you can equal this go to the right person so that you can start without starting. Phone app a phone This is a faster method than using Spotlight, where you need to type. Still the first letters of a name Do you tapped on an icon, you get direct buttons for calling, Face Timen, texting or iMessagen.iMessage also has a location function similar to Find My Friends: here you friends for an hour, a day, or show you where you are forever.

Redesigned Mail app

ios-8-mail-app-270x234The Mail app can now recognize data in a message. By tapping on here you can at once make an agenda item for the Calendar app.With swipes, it is also possible to make unread emails quickly or remove. The Mail app in iOS 7 had been sweeping movements, but the new method is more similar to apps like Mailbox .

Slim spotlight

ios-8-spotlight-270x185The Spotlight feature of iOS 8 can view more information. From the search bar, it is possible to search, to which you have not yet installed or access movie information. Finding apps Wikipedia The new Spotlight feature is similar to the same function OS X Yosemite .

Quick Type Keyboard

iOS-8The new Quick-type keyboard in iOS 8 predicts what you want to type. While tapping word suggestions appear above the keyboard, which you can tap to make them equal to fill up.Quick Type is context sensitive: someone asks if you want to watch a movie or want to eat, then the words ‘film’ and ‘food’ will be displayed as suggestions. The more you write, the better it quick type keyboard knows how to write.Quick type supports a number of languages, including English, French and German. Dutch is not yet supported.

Install alternative keyboards

ios-8-swype-toetsenbord Quick Type is Apple’s new keyboard, but it is in iOS 8 also possible to install. Keyboards from third partiesThis example Fleksy a keyboard available that works with all iOS applications. This also supports the famous Swype keyboard , which you form words by going to sweep. letters about According to Apple, none of the keyboards access to the sandbox of the app, which have no security risk can arise.

Improved group chat in iMessage

ios-8-imessage-270x251A group in iMessage can be set. 8 with iOS better better You can give a name for the chat, add and remove people, leaving himself a call and a specific call ‘mute’. It is also possible to send. Rapidly audio and video messages You just hold the audio button, talk and release it.The audio file is then sent to the same. The camera button allows you the same way fast photos or videos to send. Photos and videos can be viewed. Just a few minutes The function is thus similar to Snap Chat .

HealthKit: health platform with Health app

ios-8-health-270x205Apple introduced in iOS 8 also HealthKit – a platform that allows developers to link their app to Apple’s Health platform. The Nike app can in this way to the Health app by giving many calories you’ve burned. The Health app came in earlier rumors even gone as Health Book, Apple’s health platform that seems to be a harbinger for the iWatch. At the time Health works only with data of apps in the App Store – but these apps will also work with accessories like the Fitbit .

Family Sharing

ios-8-family-sharing-270x260You can log in with iOS eight to six accounts of relatives. This makes it possible to download. Apps and music of people in your family on your iDevice With this new system, Apple also improves the purchasing system for young App Store users. Trying to download a child something he or she must first obtain permission from a parent. These parents they receive a push notification on their iDevices.

Improved Photos app with iCloud

ios 8Apple’s new Photos app in iOS eight works better with iOS 8, ​​making it possible to search among photos on all your computers and iDevices. Apple lets you share more pictures between devices With Photo Stream, but the limitation on amount of pictures seems to have disappeared. Henceforth, you are limited to your storage in iCloud Drive . A smart search bar lets you scroll through your photo library based on time and location. An improved processing system lets you adjust shadows, contrast, brightness and exposure. In early 2015 there will be a corresponding Mac OS X application that syncs with the iOS app 8.

AirDrop between iOS and OS X

AirDrop will work between iOS and OS X 8 Yosemite. This makes it possible to transfer files between iPhone, iPad exchange. IOS and Mac OS X  support  AirDrop, but to previously worked only between one Mac and another, or between two iDevices.

Further connectivity with OS X

iOS 8 OS X connectivityiOS and OS X works on more surfaces together. For example, in certain apps possible upward swipe with “Handoff”, after which he goes from your iDevice to your Mac. Document or file In this way, for example, you swipe an email from your iPhone to your Mac, so you can tap. Messages on from there An iPhone with iOS 8 can also send text messages and phone calls to OS X Yosemite.This does not send text messages with iMessage also read on your Mac and can be answered.The message is then sent via your iPhone yet from your SMS bundle. Phone calls can be answered on your Mac in the same way: the call is answered on the iPhone and wirelessly transmitted to OS X. The launch of an iPhone hotspot of OS X has also become easier. If you select the iPhone from the Bluetooth menu of OS X, the iOS 8 will be launched automatically.

Siri enhancements

Siri now supports Shazam, so that you can recognize the virtual assistant music. You can also buy with Siri iTunes content and appeal to the assistant with “Hey, Siri.” In addition, support for 22 new languages ​​- but it is unclear what language this is.

App Store in iOS 8

The App Store gets a new Explore tab, which you can discover new applications. Popular search terms are also shown so that you can see what people search for. More ways Has an app the “Choice of redactie’ title, this is better shown in the App Store with a new logo. Developers are also able to sell app bundles: in this way they sell multiple apps simultaneously at a lower price.When apps are now also show videos. Support for Test Flight from the App Store lets developers distribute trial versions of an app. Earlier this year, Test Flight has been acquired by Apple .

Intercommunicating apps

iOS 8 custom actionsApple has released the Software Development Kit (SDK) for developers expanded considerably. At WWDC Apple talked about the “biggest upgrade since the advent of the App Store. The main new feature is “Extensibility”, with which it is possible for applications to connect to each other. One app can thus offer services for other applications. This also makes it possible to more easily exchange. App dataDespite these data exchange according to Apple apps are still in a “sandbox” so that they are protected. For example, this makes it possible to edit in one app a picture and save it in the other application.

Touch ID for developers

The Touch ID fingerprint sensor on the  iPhone 5s is now also available for developers. This can be protected by your fingerprint. Example the app from your bank Apple promises that the fingerprint data is not shared with app developers

HomeKit: Smart Home platform

iOS 8 supports HomeKit, a software platform that allows the iPhone devices can operate at home. It is then possible to use these devices in the home to connect to, for example Siri. This makes it possible to tell to do the lights or turning. Lock the door Siri HomeKit works with devices from iHome, Cree, Chamberlain, Skybell, August, Honeywell, Haier, Schalge, Philips, Withings, Netatmo, Broadcom, Kwikset and more. Later on HomeKit in a separate article.

CloudKit free storage for developers

Apple offers developers free storage for their apps. This can be stored at Apple, without the developer pays a lot of server costs. Login databases and data CloudKit is free, but according to Apple, there are certain limitations.

Metal A7 makes games better on iOS 8

Apple iOS Metal 8 also designed a development kit for game developers that the performance of the A7 processor of the iPhone 5s should improve. Games like Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and other games with the Frostbite engine of this EA works on the iPad Air. Epic Games has released a tech demo called “Zen Garden” made, which shows what lurks for visual strength in the A7 chip. Zen Garden will be available in the App Store soon iOS 8 is available. SpriteKit is Apple’s development tool for simple, casual games, and is also available in iOS 8. Finally, there SceneKit, enabling developers to compose 3D scenes. ios-8-kit

New programming language for Xcode

swift-xcode-270x179Apple has developed a new programming language called Swift. This provides an alternative to Apple’s Objective-C, which until now was used by iOS developers. According to Apple’s Swift 3.9 times faster than Python, and Objective-C was only 2.8 times faster. With Swift Apple wants to make it possible to generate, say, does the same as before. Simpler code Swift code works perfectly alongside C and Objective-C, so it can be used without having to be. Converted into apps

This fall, available for iPhone 4s and newer

Apple makes iOS 8 available this autumn. iOS 8 can be installed on the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, fifth generation iPod touch, iPad 2, iPad fourth generation, iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad mini Retina. The beta is now available to developers . ios-8-idevices

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