Apple introduces Fusion Drives One Super Drive for hybrid storage market



Apple announced an innovative storage device today, it is  avery first hybrid device drive, called Fusion Drive, came as an option in the Mac Mini and new iMac.

hybrid device drive, such as the Seagate’s Momentus XT, combines flash storage & standard plate-based storage in a drive have been around for a long time. The flash memory is used to store commonly accessed data, such as the OS and sys files, while the hard drive is used to store up all static & other document data. This allows the hybrid drive to provide better performance with a large quantity of storage space at very lower cost.

Apple’s Fusion Drive combines 120 Gigabytes of solid state (flesh) storage and a standard platter hard drive with 1TB or 3TB data storage capacity. Apple says the OS and other applications will be installed on the (solid- state drive) flash memory part & other data, such as documents & media, stays on the hard disk drive part. Users can move applications & other files between the 2 parts of the drive to get better performance.

Apple claims that the new Fusion Drive will be much faster than a standard hard driveThe information of the new Hybrid drive are still sketchy. It’s a combination of SSD/HDD, with sensible tool to make best possible use of instrument efficiency.

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