Apple Introduces iOS 16 and iPadOS 16

ios 16

Apple has officially unveiled iPadOS 16 and iOS 16, the biggest iPhone update of 2022. iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 which is the next major update for the iPhone and the iPad, which will be available this fall 2022. What awaits us? New Features Getting iOS 16? And for which iPhones or iPad this update is suitable for?

iOS 16 is the next major software update for the iPhone. It is the successor to iOS 15 and contains a lot of innovations. This update will be released simultaneously with iPadOS 16, in which you will also find a large number of innovations. Which iPhones are suitable for this update, and when can we expect the update? In this article we will update you!

Now that the Cupertino company introduced the iOS 16, we have an idea of which features the company will add. Below we discuss the most important. Apple heavily modified the iOS 16 lock screen. For example, you can change the font of the clock and have the clock appear halfway behind a person’s photo.

Widgets are now even more useful to see at a glance, and WidgetKit allows developers to create their own lock screen widgets. Whether they are also interactive is not entirely clear at the time of writing. To make your lock screen even more personal, you can use new wallpapers created from your own photo collection.

Also new is that notifications come up from the bottom of the screen. Focus mode extends to the lock screen, so the widgets and lock screen adapt to your focus. You can switch between the different modes by swiping.

Also, during the presentation, Apple announced the iPadOS 16 with new features, in addition, to the iPad-specific improvements, the update also contains many new features that Apple will add in iOS 16.

First of all, iPadOS offers its Weather app. The design is based on that of the iOS version but optimized for the iPad. The different blocks of weather information are spread over the entire width of the screen. The animations you know from the iOS version, with rain, lightning, snow, and more can also be found on the iPad.

It’s now also easier to collaborate. From the share menu, you can now tap a Collaborate option directly, without having to send a copy. It works in Pages and other Apple apps, as well as standard Apple apps like Notes. There will be an API for developers that will allow them to use the new collaboration function in their apps.

Apple is also giving an early look at a new app called Free Form. This is an app to collaborate with others. Think of it as a kind of digital writing board, in which you can insert photos, images, drawings, written texts, and more. Anyone who participates can do this life. This app will be added in an additional update to iPadOS 16 later this year. It’s also coming to iOS 16 and macOS Venture.

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