Apple introduces iTunes Pass electronic payment service



Apple announced a new service that allows users in the U.S and Australia to purchase iTunes pass for the content in iTunes. From now, you can add funds to your Apple ID and pay for purchases on your iPhone and iPod touch using the iTunes Pass.

To use the service, users need to buy electronically iTunes Pass card and place it in Passbook, present on the iPhone. Then you need to specify what kind of amount from the deposit on the map should be attributed to the purchase in the catalog. Thus, the buyer can scan the Apple Store this ID and pay by means of account Apple.

In addition, there are cards with an open account, which can be specified in the offline retail store Apple Store and after making any amount of writing it as needed.

“With iTunes Pass, you can use the account in the App Store or iTunes Store to store money and make purchases. Pressing the “Use iTunes card” in the iTunes Store you get iTunes Pass. Then when scanning identifier Passbook can pay for your purchase in-store Apple Store “, – stated in the service description.

Apple say that electronic cards in the near future also ne for the App Store and iBooks Store. This new app from Apple is important, primarily for the development of mobile payments and complete transition to digital calculations. After all, users now have the opportunity to pay without having to use an infinite number of gift cards or other types. Well, of course, is an important step for the company, whose output is the market for mobile payments have often been discussed in the press and can be a significant event for the industry as a whole.

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