AirPods 2
AirPods 2

At the event yesterday, Apple announced the new AirPods Pro 2022 with an improved and solid charging case. This update brings several new features, especially on the audio front, thanks to a new H2 processor that further improves the listening experience. However, there is a novelty for the controls that will please many users.

Apple updated the AirPods Pro 2022 for the first time since its release a few years ago. The second generation model of Apple’s in-ear headphones introduces several innovations, starting with the new H2 chip that promises improvements in both connections to devices and bandwidth transfer. The improvements of the H2 chip are also reflected in the transparency mode and on the noise cancellation is more effective than the previous generations. A particularly welcome novelty lies in the touch controls that will finally allow volume adjustment via slide.

The new AirPods Pro 2 case also changed, which now houses a new speaker to play sounds during pairing, charging and when the headphones are searched with the “Where is” app. In addition, Apple also provided a strap to not lose the headphones (sold separately). However, if you happen to lose them, now it will be easier to find them: not only the headphones will play different sounds for each channel (left-right) but also the case will be able to emit sounds. In addition, the “Where is” app will allow you to accurately locate the AirPods Pro, with the same procedure as for the AirTags.

Apple improved the battery life of the new AirPods Pro second gen. Now, the useful life of the headphones is 6 hours on a single charge, a 33% improvement over the previous generation. The new battery life lasts up to 30 hours, compared to the 24 hours of the previous model. Charging will now also be possible using the Apple Watch charger.

It should be noted that the AirPods Pro 2 with Bluetooth 5.3 do not support Lossless audio on Apple Music. The price of the new AirPods Pro is $249 and will be available to order on September 9. Deliveries and in-store purchases will start on September 23.

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