Apple introduces watchOS 9 for the Apple Watch


Apple presented the new watchOS 9 yesterday at WWDC 2022 keynote. This is one of many news, starting from those dedicated to sport up to the new customizable dials.

New watch faces on watchOS 9

Apple added four new watch faces in the new watchOS 9 to choose from, each with a style and a precise and well-structured purpose:

  • Astronomy
  • Lunar Calendar
  • Recreation
  • Metropolitan

The Gregorian calendar with the lunar dial adopted by many cultures, such as Chinese, Jewish, and Islamic. The exclusive Recreation dial is an original and dynamic work of art created in collaboration with the artist Joi Fulton. In the more classic Metropolitan dial, the style changes every time the Digital Crown is rotated. And the original, totally redesigned Astronomy dial features a new and more accurate map of the stars and updated cloud data.

 Podcast app

The Podcast app allows the user to choose and discover new podcasts, not just in the library or whatever the user is already subscribed to.

Workout App

As for physical activity, in addition to the Activity app on iOS 16, Apple added new ways of tracking sports activities on watchOS 9, starting from running, thanks to new metrics that make training much richer and more aware to help athletes improve their performance and assess the risk of injury.

For triathletes, the Training app is now compatible with a new type of multisport workout, which automatically switches between swimming, cycling, and running sequences, relying on motion sensors to recognize the various patterns.

Thanks to built-in sensors, Apple Watch can now automatically detect tablet workouts in the pool and identify the type of stroke and distance traveled in the final summary. It is also possible to monitor the efficiency of each swim thanks to the SWOLF score, which adds up the time and number of strokes required to complete a lap, and the relative average for each series can be checked in the training summary.

There are also new ways to view data within the Training app. There is also the possibility to create training plans with lots of repetitions, alerts, and breaks customized according to your needs.

Sleep Stages Tracking

With Sleep Stages, Apple’s sleep tracking improves even more and provides users with more information about rest, and the various stages of rest (deep, REM, light sleep, etc.). Thanks to this information, watchOS 9 allows users to learn more about their style of rest and possibly run for cover when there are problems to report to their doctor.

AFib History

As for cardiac monitoring, with watchOS 9, users will be able to know how long the Apple Watch measures the signs of atrial fibrillation. More about this source textSource text required for additional translation 

With watchOS 9, people with this condition can activate the FDA-approved Atrial Fibrillation History feature and access important information such as estimating: how often the heart rhythm shows signs of atrial fibrillation, and obtaining important data on their health status. 

The user will also receive weekly notifications, useful for understanding the frequency of episodes, and will be able to see a detailed history in the Health app, as well as lifestyle factors that can affect atrial fibrillation such as sleep, alcohol consumption, and physical activity.

Medication Reminder

Still talking about health, there comes a real one, a reminder system for medications to take during the day. This is a highly requested feature over time. Apple Watch will also provide information, along with the iPhone, relating to the interactions between the drugs taken, fully available from the iOS Health app but only in the United States.

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