Apple Invesigating A Possible iPhone 7 Plus Explosion In Viral Video



Smartphones explosion has been a viral issue since last year. Samsung tried to solve his problem with the explosions of his Galaxy Note 7, but after its failure, all eyes are on the new smartphones. Yesterday it was viral on Twitter a video of a user who showed how his iPhone 7 Plus seemed to be undoing literally. His testimony is rather surprising, but it resembles many of the testimonials of users who have suffered an event like this. Brianna Olivas, the affected one, assures that its iPhone 7 Plus smoked, it was undone and then exploded.

The next morning I was asleep with my phone charging next to my head, my boyfriend grabbed the phone and put it on the dresser. He went the the restroom  and from the corner of his eye he saw my phone steaming and heard a squealing noise.

By the time he got over to the phone it had already caught fire, he quickly grabbed the phone and threw it in the restroom. As soon as he threw it in the restroom is blew up and more smoke started coming out of the phone.”

Apple already has in its hands the iPhone 7 Plus involved in this event. An event that has become viral in social networks as well as the testimony of Brianna Olivas, the owner of the device:

The video in question you can see just below these lines. You can see how the case that has been placed on the iPhone was completely undone and is also observable the smoke that came out.

The iPhone 7 Plus is already in the hands of the big apple and a spokeswoman for the company has already announced that it is in contact with Brianna to inform it of what happened and, in case it is a manufacturing error, take the necessary measures.

In a few weeks we will have the official information of Apple but in the meantime we can look back. When Samsung had to deal with the explosions of its Galaxy Note 7 alleged that in the design of its batteries, two components of the same and incompatible were brought into contact causing the explosions. They were not able to rectify the error, so the terminal went out of the market.

What will happen to Apple? Is this explosion an isolated phenomenon? Could it be that Brianna’s iPhone 7 Plus had a factory default?

(Source: @briannaolivas_ [Twitter])

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