Therefore, the invention is directed to an ink supervisor that’s designed to
prepare ink strokes into ink phrases and to offer these ink phrases to shopper
purposes. Within the illustrative embodiment, the ink supervisor interfaces between
a pen-based totally enter software, a number of purposes (pen-mindful or no longer) and one or
extra handwriting acceptance engines executing on the pc device.


The ink supervisor acquires ink data, comparable to ink strokes, entered
on the pen-based totally enter instrument, and organizes that knowledge into ink phrases.
The ink supervisor contains an ink phrase termination engine (which could also be
partly finished in a pen driver part) that’s configured to use one or
extra ink phrase termination exams to the ink data.

If the
termination engine detects the prevalence of an ink phrase termination experience,
the ink supervisor performs the next steps so as:
1) finishes
organizing the strokes into an ink phrase information construction,
2) optionally
notifies the present consumer software application of the termination adventure with the aid of
offering it with the ink phrase, thereby permitting the appliance to decide
an acceptable affiliation between the ink phrase and a selected enter container,
specify a reference context (e.g., a pointer) and request a specific
attractiveness context, if preferred,
three) notifies the fitting handwriting
reputation engine, in an effort to permit it to finish its work and supply the
popularity outcomes comparable to the present ink phrase, and
four) sends
the now labeled (i.e., identified) ink phrase to the appliance, in conjunction with
any reference context up to now recognized by using the appliance (in step 2). To
the extent the appliance returns a reference context and/or a popularity
context, they is also appended to the ink phrase information construction.

with the submitting is a picture of a pill pc that appears much like the
rumored Apple pill software.

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