Increasingly, it is clear to us that Apple is preparing something big for Tuesday Keynote, since according to Reuters reports,  Apple has started sending invitations to “top fashion editors and bloggers” for the its event to help on September 9 , which tells us that iWatch is possible to be an important participant in the event.

Apple is forging closer ties to the fashion world as it plots its foray into the fertile field of wearable technology, trying to win over a critical crowd that may prove crucial to the success of consumer gadgets worn around the body.

This is how the pieces fall into place after that during the last Apple months has made transfer of characters from the world of fashion, so if you already have the expertise, the next step is to boost its smart watch and not only in publications who cover the technology, but now the idea is to open up new markets, as in this case the setter, a fertile market with great potential, which can be the spearhead for Apple to bring their devices to another level.

It is the first time in the history of Apple that Keynote will be covered by journalists of technology and fashion, and now we understand why the decision to choose the Flint Center to host the event since its rated capacity is 2,400 people, then are we seeing a possible new direction for the company ? The clock is ticking and finally on September 9, all rumors will be put to rest.

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