Apple is involved in 60 percent of all major lawsuits over mobile patents. This allows Kanzatec IP Group, a consulting firm specializing in intellectual property. Apple's growing market share and size of the company would make an interesting target for patent holders. Kanzatec's vice president Feisal Mosleh suspects that Apple will continue to be at at the center of lawsuits as long as they have a dominant place in the market.


Kanzatec infographic shows how all the current majorlawsuits are running. Blue arrows show current processes, while a gray arrow points to closed cases. Apple stands in the middle of the image, with the vast majority of the arrows, and to the holding noted.

The iPhone is always a hotbed of potential patent cases: when Steve Jobs announced the iPhone in 2007, he pointed out that they ha
d closed a lot of patents. This does not mean that the current business is good news for Apple. During an interview, Tim Cook showed that the current patent issue a "pain in the ass" and that Apple is only trying to protect their own inventions. At the same time led many business earlier this year to a ban icloud in some countries


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