iOS 10.2 Beta

iOS 10.2 Beta


Apple has just released iOS 10.2 beta for developers, yesterday. Cupertino giant chose Halloween night to launch the second major update to the iOS 10 OS, but as usual, it is only available to those who are part of the beta program.

Users who have joined the iOS 10 beta program will automatically receive on your iPhone, iPad or iPod compatible upgrade to this version via OTA or from iTunes downloading the IPSW.

Just a week after launching iOS 10.1 officially, and only a few hours after launching iOS 10.1.1, with a number of corrections that fundamentally affect the Welcome application, it seems that Apple is already working on iOS 10.2, the second major update to hit the iPhone and iPad in the coming weeks.

The main innovations that brought us this beta are:

  • A new type of wallpaper to better customize our device, as you can see in the picture below. Funds are already known by all iPhone 7 in its promotional stage.
  • wallpaper
  • For lovers of emoji, good news, since this beta has included new emoji, you can see in the picture below.
    New Videos widget application. So we can have much faster access from one widget.
  • A new option in the camera will allow us to retain the last settings we had in our camera. So we may have to start the camera the last camera mode or the last filter we have used. This option is available in Settings> “Photos and Camera”preservesettings-800x707
  • New “Emergency Contacts”. Now your iPhone will automatically notify the contacts you have selected, when the SOS function is used on the iPhone or Apple Watch.
  • New option to hold to speak: Now you can choose between Siri, Voice Control on or off the option to hold to run one of these two options.
  • Apple includes new message with effect on iMessage: Celebration.
  • celebratescreeneffect-800x709
  • New icon on the status bar when Bluetooth headset is connected.
  • Now you can see the stars rating on Apple Music setting this new setting in music.

We recall that in IOS 10.1 there was an error that removed all data collected by your device Health, forcing Apple to launch iOS 10.1.1 as a correction. It is assumed that 10.2 iOS solves this problem and also adds some security fixes and improvements to the operating system.

You can install iOS 10.2 beta now safely. Currently there seems to have found any significant errors, but have to wait for the next few hours. As always, we recommend making a backup.

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