The presentation of the brand new iPad 2 has modified once more the best way we see issues, however no longer restricted to the pill as – in fact – we will think about.

Even Apple's different merchandise now revel in the brand new iOS four.three , so that it will be launched together with the newborn pill, so that they can mount as usual.The difficulty, in fact, is deliberate for the ' March eleven , the day in america will go on sale the brand new iPad.


iOS 4.3 Gold Master released this week , leaving the final version is closer, probably by Friday of next week. As you know Personal Hotspot is one of the new features this update brings with which you can create an access point Wi-Fi on your iPhone , until now only available with jailbreak applications , such as OnDemand MyWii
 recently updated.

Although initially thought it would be more potentente, we now know that only offer to share the connection with up to 3 devices again that while it may be sufficient in many cases does not provide a service as comprehensive as we thought at first.

This is going to offer the American operator AT & T from next week for its users, but it depends on her to offer up to 3 connections, but rather of one's property in iOS 4.3 . As in other countries believe that the option of Personal Hotspot will be similar.


The novelty of this new firmware is in line with expectations that the house of Cupertino gave us, though – at least for now – are not introduced to the multitouch gestures. The new wireless video output to the Apple TV – called AirPlay - will be included, and will be compatible with almost all the native applications of the system, such as Safari and Images. And the same Safari will see a new – and very welcome –update for its JavaScript engine to speed up the execution of the code, improving the usability of web applications.

But not only from the iTunes library is now accessible from throughout the home thanks to a new feature, which through the use of shared Wi-Fi allows playback of their content in your iTunes library from
your iPhone without wires
 , without limiting the service to extend it to film music, audiobooks and podcasts without the need to synchronize our device.

As we say, is more than enough in most cases, since the 3G connections are not fast enough to share with a variety of devices and possibly to do with several other is a great improvement iPhone users.

In addition, the drip pan novelty: the owners of the iPad, iPod touch and iPhone 4 tethering will enjoy the Wi-Fi, called by Apple Personal Hotspot , a function that will transform your device into a mini-wireless router to share the 3G connection with people empowered and free. The function, unfortunately, will not be available for the iPhone 3G is cheaper because devices now can be called 'almost' obsolete, given the continuing evolution of Apple products. But this is a great step forward to reach the competition that already has this technology available.

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