The brand new choices are a large number of however the principle&#one hundred sixty;new iOS 5 features include:

  • Notification Center
  • iMessage
  • Dental News
  • Reminders
  • Twitter
  • Camera
  • Photos
  • Safari
  • Free PC
  • Wifi Sync
  • Airplay mirroring (iPad)
  • Multitasking gestures (iPad)

This is still a long list, and Apple has it all for you to put a row and the video brings everything in the picture (on the slick Apple obviously familiar with how many notes).

Notification Center

All messages in this IiOS are arranged together in one place. Whether text messages, missed calls, calendar alerts, and more application messages. New messages are briefly top of the screen and you can swipe to see all messages. Messages are also displayed on the lock screen and swipe here to go directly directly to that application.



No more app you need to download IOS since Twitter is 5 standard. Apple ensures that after you log in directly from apps like YouTube, Safari, Camera, Photo, etc. you Twittering. Furthermore, Twitter also integrated with your address book so you can quickly someone can send a Tweet.



Plan your own book with all the magazines and newspapers on one site. There is also a new section in the App Store that many titles will show up and where the most popular newspapers and magazines from around the world can be found. If you subscribe then new editions appear in Newsstand and are automatically updated.



The browser already works fine has been further improved. Safari is the new Reader that makes reading a web page going to be easy. All unnecessary items are removed and letters in the correct format set. You can also save articles and read them later and they are all your IOS devices easy to find.



Apple also enter the world of WhatsApp, BBM, etc. with a private messaging system. IOS 5 users can share the messages, photos, videos with other users or groups. This can be via WiFi or 3G and messages are automatically pushed to all your devices so you can go anywhere with the conversation.



Actually a ToDo app that lets you manage your tasks. You can create a todo this and various things such as connect time, priority, due date, etc. This way you can easily make lists, such as a shopping list. Nice extra is that you can create a site based role so if you have a specific location will appear on the task in question.



The use of the camera is made easier because you directly from your lock screen now has access to a picture of the volume up button. When using the camera itself is a grid available for photos and better align with 1x taps you can adjust the focus and exposure. Other new features include rotating, enhance a photo by removing red-eye and organize your photos into albums.


Free PC

If you're an IOS device to activate, you have a computer. That does not 5 because of IOS can activate right from your phone and updates over the air to be sent. All content can go through WiFi Sync to transfer iTunes.


And more

However there is more to discover as well as mail, calendar and game center are taken care of and to IPAD users gestures are possible and Airplay supports displaying your iPad half screen display.


There is plenty to look forward to, and developers can already work with IOS software and the beta 5 SDK.Ordinary users should wait for the free update for their iPhone 4, 3G iPhone, iPad, iPad 2, iPod nano (4th generation), iPod nano (3rd generation) until the fall.

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