TomTom is the main provider of playing cards within the new Maps app from Apple iOS 6. In step with a web page with extra data that Apple has put on-line, maps apps use products and services from OpenStreetMaps and  TomTom's personal Multinet.

Even TomTom's Tele Atlas purchase is involved in the deal, according to the list of parties that Apple online has 
put . That list also AND , a Rotterdam-based company that specializes in maps and navigation. OpenStreetMap is also called the open source card database that is also used in Apple&
#39;s photo app iPhoto.

TomTom provides maps in each case, but it is also unclear whether traffic originates from the Dutch navigation maker. Apple has long been engaged in the collection of anonymous location data from IOS devices to traffic congestion in the image can bring. 

Although there are many companies involved in the Maps app in iOS 6, only the name mentioned in the TomTom app. Apple set to rival Google's side, since iOS 1 in 2007 produced the maps for maps. Although turn-by-turn navigation with Google Maps since late 2009 is possible on Android-based devices, that function was not to iOS.

In iOS 6 are also extensive privacy settings, as evidenced by a quick glance at the menu.Where in iOS 5 only at Location Services determined which app access, can now also for Contacts, Calendars, Memories and Photos. If an app wants to access, requires iOS through a popup or I may. Apple said that function in the presentation Monday night.

Apple added in iOS 6 further including Facebook integration to its mobile operating system. Also a Do Not Disturb button is added to the institutions and a phone with a new option in the dialing quickly answered with a message. It also became clear that Siri, the iPhone 4S voice assistant is brought in  third-generation iPads with  iOS 6 update.  The release of IOS 6 is schedule for the Fall. The update will appear for the iPhone 4S, iPad 2 of 2012, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4G and the new iPad.


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