Apple iOS 7 design to presumably exchange prior to the ultimate model


Apple iOS 7Since the launch of the new Apple mobile system on the web every day increases the flow of comments on the revised design of the OS. Most of the attention attracted by new application icons iOS. Many changes have taken to heart, while others simply refuse to believe that iOS 7 – indeed creation of designers Apple.

And, as it turns out, the latter may well be right. There is quite understandable reasons for this strange kind of icons and contradictory system design. In fact, the main work on the design of the OS is still ahead.

Matthew Panzarino from The Next Web argues that he had heard from his sources about the actual circumstances in which the created icons iOS 7. According to him, Jonathan Ive applied for the development of the appearance of the icons to the Marketing Team Apple, which is engaged in advertising.

“As we know, the chief designer of Apple applied for the creation of a palette of colors and the appearance of the icons iOS 7 in the marketing department of the company. And the work they have done has been transferred to different applications of the design team, which finalized before the end of the icons on the basis of palettes created by marketers. “

Panzarino is trying to say that the work on the design of icons between the teams developing applications had little or no communication. For example, the developers of the Post did not know about the work of the team Safari. All this has led to some inconsistencies in the appearance of the icons in iOS 7.

The good news is that work on the system is not over yet. Panzarino describes the current beta of iOS 7 as a “preliminary draft” of the new platform, and says that the work of designers and other responsible people from the team of system development continues. It is possible embodiment of the operating system shown in WWDC, – even beta, but something something earlier.

“Like many other aspects of the system icons iOS 7 and their appearance in the process of finalization. I do not know exactly, but presumably be followed by a series of changes and revisions of existing inconsistencies in the system, such as different gradients on the icons and text styles on the home screen. “

Presenting the new OS, Tim Cook said that iOS 7 is the biggest change in the history of the iPhone, and since the conference was shown only the first beta version, it is likely that its interface can be changed more than once.


If we have in mind the truth that Apple’s designers labored on the device ahead of October this course led through Jonathan Ive, then it’s a whole recycling of the whole thing completed by using them in a file six months. Clearly, Ive given up the whole lot that used to be carried out to him, and for six months has created a completely new design. The time period is simply too small, and it’s too early to speak in regards to the finish outcome.

The subsequent three-four months will probably be within the iOS 7 trying out and debugging stage, after which we will be able to see the completed product

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