The expansion of Android can see throughout the facts of merchandising corporations, like these of Millennial Media , the first independent mobile control since the acquisition by Google of AdMob. Last August, Android was responsible for 26% of impressions, 29% in September, 37% in October. In November, Androphones accounted for 38% of impressions at Millennial, like the iPhone.


It is now two months since the two mobile platforms are perfect equality. Apple rose from 70% of impressions on the network in April 2010 to 38% seven months later, a relative decrease is explained by the fact that growth in sales of smartphones equipped with Android has been stronger than growth iPhone sales during the year 2010. This is reflected in the displays advertisements: queries from Android rose 2,182% in 2010, while they have increased by "only" 32% iPhone.

But this stabilization of Android poses some questions after many months of dizzying growth. The pace of activations Android phones also seems to show that this growth is now softer, as if a plateau had been reached. It will also monitor the financial results in January: it is quite possible that the Christmas special pass to Apple, resulting in mechanical stabilization of Android.


If you leave the category of smartphones, it the iPad has wind in its sails: a monthly basis, the number of requests from the Apple tablet has increased by 112% . Overall, it's Apple, which dominates views of Millennial (25% of postings), the iPhone camera alone is the most popular (15.96%). The iPod touch is (8.96%), the iPad was seventh at 1.76% of the displays: These two devices are classified into the category of connected devices. Walkman Touch Apple also pay the luxury to outperform the Motorola or the BlackBerry Curve Droid. [Via AppleInsider]


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