After OS X El Capitan,  iOS 9 starts immediately with Siri, a voice assistant that supports 1 billion requests a week by the users. In addition to a new interface, Siri now includes more commands, context: for example, the server can understand when the user is in the car and, therefore, adapt its functions to the context.

iOS 9 becomes proactive in the sense that suits the user’s habits. For example, if a consumer goes for a run every day listening to music, by placing the headphones at the same time the iOS device will do the rest, starting playback and choose the playlist. Moreover, if a number is not in your address book, iOS may suggest a probable sender to the owner of an iPhone.

Currently iOS 8 is in 83% of supported devices, a slow but gradual adoption, while Android 5 is in only 12% of compatible devices. iOS 9 is to improve the performance of our devices, including battery life, and the response time of applications.


Siri questions receives 1 billion a week, with a 40% accuracy. iOS 9 We can ask Siri to show us the pictures we took at a certain location. Siri finally becomes Proactive so that it becomes much more intelligent than before. For example, if we receive a call of a number that we have stored, look for options in our emails and show us who can be. Apple Siri open to developers using the API will offer soon.

Siri will also give us in the contact center notifications and suggested applications. Regarding contacts we interact with different features. Apple Siri open to developers using the API will offer soon.


Proactive Assistant

Note that all the information offered by either seek is completely anonymous, is not stored in any history, it is not associated with our Apple ID and is linked to other services of Apple, not shared with services and third-party applications . We, users have complete control over the information we seek, unlike what happens with traditional search engines.

The research also updates supporting video results from YouTube, Vimeo, iTunes and many more. In addition, an API is provided to developers, so the contents can be searched for within the installed applications, with direct links to them.

The news continues with Apple Pay, an increasingly extended between banks and public establishments in the United States. The reader Square will now compatible with Apple Pay, then increase the applications on the App Store compatible with the payment service. And that’s not all, because Apple Pay by the month of June will be available in the UK, with 250,000 public exercises already authorized, including compatibility with the London Underground. Apple Pay will also be able to save even the tiles of the malls and stores, for a quick use of discounts and promotions. All in Wallet, the new name of Passbook.

The first beta will be released sometime today



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