Apple iOS Security: Kaspersky waves the red card


Nikolay Grebennikov, Kaspersky's technical director, don’t go along with the again of the spoon. For him, Android is at present rising quicker than its rival as a result of " it’s more uncomplicated to boost new purposes for Android, together with tool safety " .The phrase has one thing to smile whilst you recognize that man is the top of some of the anti-virus device offered global.Decide and Mr Nikolay Grebennikov?It begs the query, particularly as this sector's contemporary opinions of consultants talk very stable gadget (observe: for iOS).


"Apple can not continue with its closed approach (Ed.: iOS)

to remain competitive, it must find a way to open its platform within a year. "

Nikolay Grebennikov

Possible translation: "We hope that Apple makes its platform not secured in the manner of Google

allow us to sell "security" to hundreds of millions of users of IOS. "


For this security expert, another problem is that iOS unlike his rival Android, Apple is the only company to create products vouvoir while ensuring its own security.

"Apple is a global leader in information security, this knowledge is another."

The criticism makes sense to a certain extent, but it is clear that the effective security of IOS is a lot of people agree.Recently, a complete Infoworld spent in Ios, saying it was probably the most secure system in the world.Trend Micro, Raimund Genes, for its part felt that Apple had a very good job security.For the highly closed iOS, already mentioned hundreds of times with this strategic choice Apple slowed the development of application designers, flip side of a security just copy.

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