Apple iPhone 5s / 5c to be available in Austria, Switzerland and 23 other countries on October 25


iphones-worldwideApple has introduced on this present day by way of press unlock that on October 25 marks the launch of the iPhone and iPhone 5s 5c will probably be held for 25 extra international locations . The 2 Apple smartphone shall be to be had right now then in Austria and Switzerland .

Up to now, the brand new iPhone within the U.S. , Australia , Canada, Germany , France, UK, China , Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and Puerto Rico are additionally to be had. Fairly greater than a month later, will introduce the iPhone and iPhone 5s 5c additionally the next nations:

Austria , Belgium, Bulgaria , Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark , Estonia , Finland, French West Indies , Greece , Hungary, Eire, Italy , Latvia, Liechtenstein , Lithuania, Luxembourg , Macao, Malta , Netherlands, New Zealand , Norway, Poland, Portugal , Reunion, Romania , Russia, Slovakia , Slovenia, South Korea, Spain , Sweden, Switzerland , Taiwan and Thailand

As of Friday, the primary November then practice any other 17 international locations :

Albania , Armenia , Bahrain, Colombia, El Salvador , Guam , Guatemala, India , Macedonia, Malaysia, Mexico , Moldova, Montenegro , Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates

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