iPhone 6

iPhone 6

Peter Cowan from iMore  examined the  new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone and found some features of the device , which Apple could copy for their new flagship phone iPhone 6. According to the author , dust and water protection are the main advantages to the Korean novelty iPhone, despite the fact that this feature is not unique to the market.

According to the specifications Galaxy S5, the device provides a degree of protection IP67 – this means that it can be placed under water to a depth of one meter for a brief period without compromising performance. Although , during the presentation of the representative of Samsung claimed that dipping into water Galaxy S5 still impossible.

Nevertheless , Apple should provide additional protection for the iPhone 6. ” I do not think that would be a waterproof case – killer fichey for sixes, guaranteeing the success of the model. But there is a certain sense , “- writes Cohen .

” Nobody expects that with the iPhone 6 will be to swim , but he could remain fully operational after accidental immersion in water. Do not be afraid that will go bad in the pocket during heavy rain , “- says the columnist .

Currently, users who need extra protection for the iPhone, are forced to buy expensive cases spoiling the appearance of the device , says Cowan .

“iPhone 5s – probably the perfect smartphone for those who play sports , because of the coprocessor movements M7 and a large selection of fitness applications. But use the iPhone 5s during exercise outdoors difficult , “- said the journalist .

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