Apple iPhone prototype gets lost again in a bar


For the 2d time Apple worker has a prototype iPhone in a bar mendacity round.&#one hundred sixty;Claiming as a minimum&#a hundred and sixty;CNET&#one hundred sixty;according to knowledge from the police, however the cellphone in query remains to be lacking.&#one hundred sixty;The iPhone was once misplaced in Cava 22, a Mexican tequila lounge in Mission District, a local in San Francisco.&#a hundred and sixty;It came about in late July and two days later, Apple employees contacted the police in San Francisco, the loss to report.



The device, according to the employees "priceless" and Apple would make every effort to safely recover the device. Details about the device, its appearance and what IOS version turned out, are still unknown. Apple could choose the location of the iPhone to find out and sent police and investigators from Apple at it. The occupant of the house, twenty-one, admitted that he had been cava 22 on the night that the iPhone is lost, but denied knowing anything about a phone. He gave consent to a search that yielded nothing, the phone was s
till missing. 
It is unknown whether Apple's phone has ever seen again. In any case, Apple has not reported missing after, said a police spokesman in San Francisco.

Last year showed an Apple employee with the iPhone prototype lying  in a bar in San Francisco. Sold the unit to the finder gadget site Gizmodo, and soon pictures of the device appeared online. The prototype proved to be very similar to the iPhone in April, which shortly afterwards went on the market. Gizmodo got things fizzle out, they will not be prosecuted, but the finder and the person who sold the phone to Gizmodo comes at a penalty overhead


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