The trial between Apple and Samsung, which commenced final Monday will not be most effective the easiest way within the dispute the patent between the 2 firms nevertheless it introduced extra fascinating small print from Apple's history to light. Apparently Apple originally planned to equip the iPhone with a curved glass display.

Once there were rumors that Apple would be working with an iPhone with a curved glass. In May 2011 rumors surfaced for the first time in September 2011 and circulated them still. That it is no idle rumors, proves the lawsuit between Apple and Samsung. In it, a lot of photos to come out of iPhone prototypes that Apple has ever created. One of the latest has a curved glass plate, both on the front and the back.

Former designer Christopher Stringer talked about the iPhone with cu
rved glass that was too expensive to produce at the time. Certain properties of the design were not so popular. The technology was not designed so that the curved glass could be made at reasonable cost. Apple would also still be working with an iPod with curved glass for the wrist.

The reason why the idea did not make it into the finished product that was in effect, that it would become too expensive. Satzger said in his testimony:

It would be not only technically, but cause the iPhone to be expensive, in addition, the design was not appealing.However, it is conceivable that we might found in future iPhones a similar design.


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