It had been reported that the iPod classic and iPod shuffle speculation  are probably taken from Apple. In which only the iPod touch and iPod nano are available from Apple.The latest action from Apple confirmed the rumors that the iPod classic will really come after ten years to finish.Because the company from Cupertino has removed two weeks ago, the iPod Click Wheel Games section of the iTunes Store.



Since then, Apple has stopped support for developers in February 2009, no new click wheel games were released on the iTunes Store, but the already existing games could still be bought.So far there is no detailed information on why or how the section has disappeared from the iTunes Store, but have an iPod owner already two weeks ago in the Apple forum complaining about it.

Oddly, Apple continues to make advertising for the clickwheel games on the right side of iPod classic.The whole just does not fit.

Play iPod games.

A few finger tips, many hours of gameplay.Vortex, and Klondike three games are already preloaded on the iPod nano, the iTunes Store you can purchase games such as Cake Mania.All iPod games are designed specifically for the iPod interface.

Even last year, concerns were gehäußert that the iPod classic is no longer being developed, because the only model of the iPod has gotten a new design.Although months later came the confirmation from Steve Jobs that the company does not intend to take the iPod classic from the range is, after all, it currently seems possible.

Also generally fit the iPod classic is no longer the concept of Apple because it can not exist in the world and icloud is no iOS device.This alone could be enough reasons that Apple will get rid of the classics.In addition we have today about the reports that Apple wants to get a 64 GB version of the new iPhone 5 on the market and therefore it could be very likely that in future there will be one iPod with 128 GB storage capacity.

On Tuesday, October 4th, we will give you information about, and maybe the 128 GB iPod touch is really the perfect replacement for the old classics.


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