Apple is experimenting with promo codes for in-app purchases


real racing

Apple is currently testing promo codes for in-app purchases. EA currently shares some of these promo codes for its app Real Racing 3. With the discount code users receive in-game “gold” worth about two dollars for free.

Previously it was only possible for developers of apps for users to receive a full app for free. Away discount codes Currently, only EA seems to have such codes; on Twitter, there are a couple of screenshots published in which  two codes for EA’s Real Racing 3 were used. Such codes can be claimed by a link from an iOS device.

If the promo code for Real Racing 3 is used while the app is not installed on their iOS device, you are prompted to install the app.

real racing

Giving away in-app content that should normally paid extra can for example create testing apps by testers and reviewers easier. The developers also can help with making their app. Better known According to MacRumors which has  been part of the Apple Developer site has not been updated and there are still discount codes that do not work for in-app purchases

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