Apple is Filtering the term jailbreak in iTunes Store?


Having a look on the U.S. iTunes Retailer to 'jailbreak', then you definately get in quite a lot of global blogs censored model 'jxxxxxxxk' is considered within the App Retailer in addition to in tune or podcasts and search. The alternate was once observed by using the well-known jailbreak developer @planetbeing but is not universally valid. If we the American iTunes Store search, we get the album "Jailbreak" by Thin Lizzy just to see and also when searching the App Store apps "Jailbreak" and "Jail Breaker" just visible. Storm in a teacup, then?

However, this is not only a security risk, but is sometimes misused for copyright infringement, for example, to install unlicensed copies of popular apps. However, whether the masking of the word "jailbreak" this phenomenon can be tackled effectively, remains questionable. update: According to Apple Insider, the masking of the word canceled. However, there are still few entries, in which the word "jailbreak" not advertised. 

At first sight, but has jailbreak developer @MuscleNerd made ​​screenshots showing indeed that the word is masked. In the European versions of the iTunes Store and App Store is the term 'jailbreak' also easy to see. A connection with the availability of a jailbreak for iOS 5.1 seems therefore not to be.Apple blocks or more words in the Apple Store, especially if they charge or a sexual double meaning.


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