The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are scheduled to be in stores on September 25, according to the latest report appears that Apple is not paying attention in reference to previous devices. The report instructions campaign seems to stick to the plan that we saw in the preliminary sale of the iPhone 6 in your day simply advise their employees meticulously cater to buyers but have to backu everything necessary to be transfer to the new device.

This new sales campaign is subjected to a series of restrictions that we have seen in other campaigns of different iPhone, for example purchases both iPhone 6s as the 6s Plus will be limited to two per day for each buyer and will only book two in each store. As usual, the lines will make an appearance during the night at the door of the Apple Stores, therefore, to organize the outlook workers draw separation tape and make two tails, one on each side of the store, so traffic flow during entry. Doors will open at about six o’clock in the country concerned.

Those who make the iPhone will reserve on one side of the tail, those who choose to embark on the adventure will be placed in another queue. For those who dare to stay and wait, Apple will provide food and drink to the “poor” workers, to keep them at least on a full stomach. On these occasions, 50% of Genius are usually busy with sales of devices so it’s not a good time for certain queries, however, the application “move to iOS” that facilitates the work of transition for users coming Android will remove them definitely workload.

Once again the launch of an iPhone is going to be a special moment for many, it is a custom that seems to keep the queues at Apple Stores as much as Angela Ahrendts does not like.

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