Apple is now officially over as Nokia’s largest smartphone maker


The&#one hundred sixty;Financial Times is the official read that Apple has overtaken Nokia as the largest manufacturer of smartphones. Sales of Apple's growing rapidly, while Nokia is just a drop can be observed: there were 34 percent last quarter Nokia smartphones sold a total of 16.7 million units.Apple reported earlier this week just growing to 20.3 million units.


This gives Apple an edge of 3.6 million units. What sales and profits are concerned, Apple was in fact already the largest smartphone maker. Now they are also the largest in numbers. Apple of course has to deal with strong competition from Android , but because the platform must be shared among multiple manufacturers will be difficult for the device makers to come close to Apple. Only Samsung and HTC may still threaten Apple's po
sition, but they're both still half the number of devices that Apple produces. 
RIM, Apple has nothing to fear, though the BlackBerry in Europe still popular among the Americans, they become increasingly out of favor.

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