Apple is organizing an experience subsequent week in California namely for IOS builders. That claims Business Insider tonight based on an "industrial source. It would be an event next week starting Tuesday and will last three days. Further information is not. Dan Frommer Business Insiders think it is an 'intimate version' of iPhone Tech Talks, Apple last year in several places around the world have held.

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The idea of this encounter between Apple and developers, according to Frommer sought in an attempt to improve the quality of available applications IOS improve. Itself is not new that Apple invites developers already familiar with new software. This company has done repeatedly in the past, especially in the run up to the presentation of a large IOS update.The timing is also quite logical. Next month there will be a major release of the IOS operating system in the form of IOS 4.2 update, specifically for the iPaduser interest. Since you will also alter the iPad the long-awaited decision on April IOS features such as multitasking, leaflets and the universal inbox in Mail. Moreover, then all devices on the same IOS software.In AppAdvice think they do differently. They believe that this encounter between Apple and developers intended for only one thing: preparing for the de
velopment of applications for the new Apple TV, which runs on IOS 4.1.

Earlier it appeared that subsequent easy to install iPhone applications are.Who participates in this event, the scale and Apple will share what information is still unknown. It is also the question of whether Apple after the iPod event in September and the Back to the Mac event earlier this month next month third press conference will insert for the release of IOS 4.2 and then cover probably some IOS 4.2 apps will demonstrate.

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