Apple is planning an update to iOS to improve iPhone 5S Touch ID


touchid sensor config

Apple is preparing to release an update to iOS, which improves the reliability of the  iPhone 5s Touch ID sensor, reports AppleInsider. New firmware , developed in conjunction with specialists from AuthenTec, will be released soon .

In December, we wrote about the fact that the owners of iPhone 5s complain about the work the fingerprint scanner built into the main button of a smartphone. Some users have noticed that , over time, the sensor Touch ID impaired ability to read the fingerprint data of the device owner . Moreover, after the removal of the iPhone profile print and re- scan recognition quality returns to its previous level .

Probably , it is a software bug . It is assumed that in using the Touch ID system ” learns” to improve the quality of recognition . However, the mechanism set up so that instead of increasing the accuracy of recognition , on the contrary spoils system ” snapshot ” of your finger.

After lauching the iPhone 5s last fall, Apple has continued to work with the team over the AuthenTec software mechanism responsible for the fingerprint . According to our information regarding the update will be released soon. Information about whether the update in Touch ID be part of the firmware iOS 7.1, scheduled for release mid-March , and will be release update unavailable.” .

Touch ID biometric sensor  has become one of the main functions of the iPhone 5s smartphone. Scanner , built- in button Home, with a thickness of 170 microns ( twice as thick as a human hair) analyzes subepidermal layers of the skin and provides images with resolution – 500 ppi. Phone owner can teach Touch ID to identify a few fingers , the touch sensor can be whatever you like – the orientation of the finger does not matter. In November last year, Apple received a patent for the iPhone 5s Touch ID.

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