Apple is testing a new feature AirDrop for iOS 7



Apple is testing a new feature AirDrop for iOS 7 firmware, which will operates on the principles of Wi-Fi Direct. According to sources, this feature of the operating system provides for easy sharing of photos, documents and videos between mobile devices Apple.

AirDrop feature is already built into the operating system OS X – users can easily share files via WiFi-network between the two computers. No need to wind up accounts, create new network, or connect to them. Just go to the file manager in the section AirDrop on two Macs and they will automatically find each other. Then will just transfer a document or file on the icon of the computer.

It is alleged that similar functionality is tested for devices on iOS 7. Eyewitnesses report that the menu test version of the new operating system has item AirDrop, with which you can share files between smartphones, music players and tablets Apple. If the “mobile version» AirDrop will be compatible with the desktop, then send and receive content will also be available on your Mac.

Implementation of the function of transparent communication between the iPhone and the iPad was made possible thanks to Apple’s new module Broadcom. This chip, made in compliance with the 40-nanometer process technology, supports a network of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, FM, as well as dual-band operation with support for Wifi Direct.

Will there AirDrop feature in the final version of iOS 7 is unknown. Earlier it was reported that the new Apple mobile platform will get tighter integration with services Flickr and Vimeo, as well as flat black-and-white interface.

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