Apple is testing iOS 7.1.1 update to fix errors


screenshotApple is testing an update to its mobile operating system , according to 9to5Mac. In the log files the site had evidence of the existence of devices on iOS 7.1.1. Since they go online Apple employees from different offices in the United States. Presumably , currently held within the walls of Cupertino technical update of the closed beta for iPhone and iPad.

” We checked the log files from our server to determine user agents iOS- devices visiting our site from IP- addresses in Cupertino, and discovered that Apple employees are located on the Internet using smartphones and tablets with firmware iOS 7.1.1″, – writes 9to5Mac.

The publication notes that iOS 7.1.1 – This is a technical update aimed at fixing bugs in the previous version of firmware released on March 10. In iOS 7.1, we recall , there is support CarPlay – « automobile » interface that Apple announced a week earlier. Events made ​​by the user in the “Calendar” is now displayed on the “Month” . In addition , Siri got function Push-to-talk. If it is active, the voice assistant ” listens” to the user only when the Home button is pressed.

Testing iOS 7.1.1 means that the automatic update release can take place in the near future. The final version will be able to download updates any user iPhone 4 or newer model phone , iPod touch 5G, as well as the iPad 2 or newer model tablet (including iPad mini).

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