Apple is willing to take on Samsung 3G patents


Apple in court docket introduced that they’d shut licenses to &#a hundred and sixty;Samsung&#a hundred and sixty;patents.&#a hundred and sixty;Apple stated right through the trial prior nowadays, best in 2010 that Samsung contacted to speak about licensing.&#a hundred and sixty;Apple would no longer thereby were inclined to argue, as claimed Samsung.&#a hundred and sixty;They might in this case have intentionally kept away from the fee of licenses.&#a hundred and sixty;Apple on the other hand, asserts that Samsung calls the intentionally crash to a lawsuit to reach.


 Deployment of the matter is four patents around 3G technology, owned by Samsung. Samsung claims a ban on the iPhone and iPad in the Netherlands, because the said four patents have been violated.

Actually, Apple and Samsung are still discussing the licenses, the talks had only been to no avail. Samsung is true that Apple has talks fail, the first offer to refuse. Apple took the ridiculously high amount. Subsequently, both companies became embroiled in lawsuits over the appearance of the Galaxy, smartphones and tablets. Samsung still believe that Apple's patents systematically and deliberately ignored, as the lawyer for Samsung this morning in the trial made clear. Incidentally, there is still much uncertainty about the licenses.

 Apple claims that the 3G function but a small part of the chips made by Intel. Intel has licensed patents on the Samsung, so Apple would also be covered. But Samsung says that the chips made by Infineon – and who has not properly licensed. Another issue that the industry does not agree is the importance of technology. According to Apple's share of the standard technique so small that no license is required. And even if there is to be paid for the licenses, the fee is very low relative to, because it is only a small part of the chip will function.

As the talks continue, Apple is now a little early to import, trading and sales ban for the iPhone and iPad demand. Yet it is Apple that a similar ban for the Galaxy is trying to force products, while still running lawsuits. It is also striking that Samsung just came up with the 3G patent at the time that Apple began suing Samsung imitate the product.

The court shall rule on October 14 on whether the lawsuit will continue. In this case, for each of the four patents to check whether it is right to ban Apple's 3G products to demand.


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