Apple is Engaged on a New micro Dock to Exchange The 30-pin Connector


After 10 years of loyal carrier, Apple has ultimately determined to vary its dock connector by means of making it smaller however does no longer imply choosing know-how Micro-USB or Thunderbolt. This will likely enable more space on the units for different elements, corresponding to a bigger battery and a 4G receiver.


Dock connector

When would the changes be made ​​exactly, is unclear. iMore states mentioned changes in  the scope for new hardware offered in the iPhone 5, but makes no further claims hard. Since we have no hardware in the iPhone 5 rumors are encountered, there is a chance that at the moment is still experimenting with the new port.


This would not be the first time that Apple's hardware adjusts to make room for new iPhone hardware to offer. The iPhone 4 introduced a smaller SIM holder and antenna around the outside, allowing more potential space in the iPhone itself.

Apple went last year with plans to accept a universal micro-USB charging method for making smartphones. Apple did this not by the 30-pin connector to replace, but a converter that allows you to sell the iPhone with micro-USB charging. Chances are that Apple's smaller still a Micro-USB charger, but iMore himself believes there is not: this is according to the site is not "Apple's style."

It's been about 10 years Apple has introduced its dock connectors, found on all iDevices, iPhone to iPod, via the iPad. The beautiful story will end soon, however, since the company is working on a new type of connector, smaller, which is neither a Micro-USB, considered too slow, or Thunderbolt technology. According to rumors, the iPhone 5 could be the first device with such a connector. It is still unclear if the load is necessarily faster, but what is certain is that the connector will necessarily take up less space.


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