Apple is working on face recognition for iPhone and iPad


Apple is investigating whether or not face reputation by means of a entrance digicam can be utilized to determine a consumer. It will permit for future iPhones and iPads can also be entered, apps and settings to robotically adapt to non-public preferences.Consistent with a new patent application , which this week by the U.S. Patent Office USPTO published under the title "Low Threshold Face Recognition. It describes how a user could easily recognize, without heavy computing power.

 Several people can use a device like this, mainly in the IPAD can be helpful. For each user includes a personal profile with its own wallpaper, applications and settings.This profile is activated when the iPad is picked up.

The face should be good to work with different lighting conditions, regardless of whether the device handling in portrait or landscape. The influence of light conditions to reduce distortions and biometrics, it will succeed to the right person to recognize. These are not so much a security measure, which the measurement should be 100% accurate, but rather a tool to personalize.
It is given eyes, mouth or tip of the nose. Since little energy technology may face constantly active.

Apple had a patent in June 2009, but as always with patents is a long time before the content is published on the USPTO. As inventor named Robert Mikio Free. A year later, in September 2010, Apple bought a Swedish company that specializes in face recognition. 

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