Apple is working on merging iTunes Apple IDs and iCloud


iCloud coming, many individuals marvel what occurs you probably have a couple of Apple IDs. It might be helpful in case your Apple IDs over time have created, you can merge . For the first time, there are now indications that Apple is working on the combination of Apple IDs as possible. An Executive Relations Apple spokesperson has confirmed at least. You can then log in with an account and have access to all services, apps and other things.


 Especially useful for developers: They are being tested updates with the problem that an Apple computer for 90 days link to a particular Apple ID.

Let developers know their concerns in an email to the new Apple CEO Tim Cook and a few seem to have gotten a call back. A close associate of Cook would have said that Apple is aware of the problem and that it is working. The current advice for the developers to choose a primary ID, and all future purchases through that account to do so

However, having multiple accounts is also helpful. People who travel a lot or come from another country deliberately iTunes accounts for several countries have created. iTunes accounts are now tied to a region. Get a U.S. iTunes account and want to make purchases, you will have a U.S. credit card to link to or credit from a U.S. iTunes gift card to be paid. Balances can not be transferred, like a PayPal account.


For the developers it is to consciously created accounts, but there are also people who unknowingly have multiple accounts. Example, they have ever created a MobileMe trial account or have a home page at. Mac made. Apple IDs after a period of inactivity does not automatically removed. Apple may soon allow you to merge all the accounts and indicate which you want to expire. 


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