Everyone knows that apps and video games  on the AppStore nonetheless a hell of a pass cap. Certainly, now we will in finding just a little greater than 500,000 apps licensed on the apple platform. Sure, half of one million apps, developed via some eighty five,569 builders. No longer dangerous, needless to say, however some these are in particular prolific so this most definitely explains that. Anyway, to rejoice the adventure, the fellows Chillingo of Chomp and 148Apps have partnered to provide the portraits you'll be capable of uncover later within the article.

The funniest, and reiterated  TechCrunch is when you think the AppStore were just 500 applications in July 2008. In three years alone, the platform Apple has increased by 1,000 the number of applications. Pretty impressive, note also that the firm still holds the palm now. Of course, Google's Android gets closer more and Market fills progressively the delay, but it will still take some time to arrive to catch the Cupertino company in this field.

In short, this graphic includes an unusually complete a lot of information. One can even say that food is not bad numbers. Like for example the fact that 37% of applications available on the AppStore are completely free or that the average price of these is $ 3.64.Unsurprisingly, we find that the games are the most popular applications, followed closely by books. Here, also, speaking of games, did you know that the application that has remained the longest first shall Angry Birds? No kidding, the title of Rovio held the top position for 275 consecutive days. Then there is the Test Moron (38 days) , Moto Chaser (27 days) or Flight Control (26 days) and iShoot (26 days) . Not bad, the gap is still very important.

And then, a little lower, there is a history of the most important applications have been submitted since July 10, 2008. All with full notes and figures in order to more easily represent the evolution of the AppStore. Striking. This is followed by other statistics that you will finally have an overview of this incredible platform. Casually, on this one, Apple has really been very inspired. By launching the AppStore, the firm opened a new market, a new way in which rushed quickly to other market players


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