Apple iTunes Music Locker Ready to Join the Cloud Music?


There are lengthy been rumors that Apple would work on a so-known as iTunes track locker that enables customers to track on-line retailer after which to acceptable gadgets reminiscent of iPhones and iPads, to move. Reuters now reports that Apple is preparing for the long-awaited service has completed and is about to launch.According to sources provided by the agency plans to take similar music-Google stranded, which Apple is in an advantageous position.



Late last month launched its own online music store Amazon Cloud Drive service, which enables users to store music collection online so that wherever you have an Internet accessible. The Cloud then the music player can play. Amazon did so but without new agreements with record companies, an important difference from the perspective of these same record companies by Peter Kafka of All Things Digital, a division of business newspaper Wall Street Journal.

Kafka confirms that Apple is indeed working on an online music locker, but also remember to mention that bedrif them to be active contact with the record labels have sought. According to his sources over the past two months, Apple has already signed agreements with two of the four major labels (Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Sony and EMI) are closed. Apple's iTunes chief Eddy Cue was in New York today to complete the remaining agreements. It is striking that in his reports Reuters claims that there is no agreement had been concluded.

The record companies have services at Kafka's sources have not seen, but they are aware of the bigger picture. The idea is that Apple users own music and music purchased from the iTunes Store is late to save on multiple devices can be listened to. The agreements with record companies do not have their whole collection of users online, like Amazon is the case, but Apple needs only a master of every song on its servers to places that can be streamed to all users.

It is thought that the huge data center that Apple in the U.S. state of North Carolina had built an important foundation for the new iTunes music locker. The company recently confirmed that the data center is designed for iTunes and MobileMe , but obviously did not comment on the rumors.In recent days have both MobileMe and the iTunes Store (in particular the App Store) to deal with connection problems. This indicates possible that Apple is in the 'move' to the new data center.

It is still not clear when Apple's iTunes music locker will reveal. "They [Apple] are very determined and have been cautious," said a top executive from the music industry. "It seems they want to go live very soon." Apple may keep this notice in early June as the annual WWDC developer conference will take place.

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