Apple iWatch to feature more than 10 sensors



Apple will release several models of iwatch smartwatch this Fall. Details about the design, release date and features of the upcoming devices were published, according Reuters and MacWorld citing anonymous sources.

According to the media reports, Apple wearable computer will contain 10 sensors, including health sensors. This amount is needed for the iWatch functionality, which is obviously larger than smartphones. Making measurements throughout the day, the owner will be able to get a picture of overall health and physical condition.

10 sensors of Apple iWatch Smarthwatch:

1. Accelerometer

Accelerometer (G-sensor) is a miniature sensor that measures the projection of the apparent acceleration. In simpler terms, it determines the gadget angle of inclination with respect to the Earth’s surface . Software that retrieves information about the angle of inclination with the accelerometer rotates the image on the screen.

2. Gyro

A gyroscope (gyro sensor) is used to determine the orientation of the device in space, to track its movement. Software used together with gyro, can respond quickly to the movement device in space and make decisions accordingly.

3. Magnetometer

Magnetometer is a module for measuring the magnetic field characteristics and magnetic properties of materials. In other words, a digital compass.

4. The barometric pressure sensor

Barometer will measure the atmospheric pressure at the current location and the owner’s iWatch determine altitude. This feature is particularly useful when the user moves on ramps, whether hill or mountain, because the barometer helps, depending on the atmospheric pressure and height to calculate the exact number of calories burned while walking.

5. Ambient temperature sensor

This simple sensor with which “smart” clock can monitor ambient temperature. Standard sensors are in the range from -20 to +50 C. With it, the clock can determine the optimum level of comfort and adjust pressure error caused by changes in temperature.

6. Heart Rate Monitor

Heart rate monitor, or as they are often referred to as HRM, heart, or even heart rate monitors, in iWatch will become an assistant for professional runners, and for lovers of jogging. It will track the heart’s activity, pulse and blood pressure, helping to make adjustments to the plan runs.

7. Oxymetry sensor

With the help of computerized watches oxymetry sensor can measure the oxygen saturation. Such sensors consist of two parts: the light-emitting diodes and a light detector (photosensor). The light passes through the skin. Blood and tissue absorb a certain amount of light emitted by the sensor, which depends on the degree of oxygen saturation of hemoglobin in blood. The photodetector, in turn, picks up the light transmitted through the tissue and the device calculates the body’s performance.

8. Conductivity sensor skin

Module GSR will measure skin conductance. This parameter varies depending on the state of the sympathetic nervous system. Changes affect conduction unconscious emotions, such as a sudden noise, smell, touch, pain, etc.

9. Temperature sensor skin

Skin temperature sensor will measure the temperature of the human body. Comparing readings with the module fixing the ambient temperature, the device can determine the intensity of your workout and loads on the human body.

10. GPS

Standard mobile unit data reception and transmission for satellite control system uses Global Positioning System to determine the exact location of a person.

The fact that the iWatch will be created with more emphasis is on tracking multiple parameters health member, we wrote back in February. That is why the recent data breaches are not surprising. Previously reported, Apple has chosen several well-known athletes to test their hours. Announcement of the smartwatch is expected in October with their advent on sale during that month.

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