Apple killing Lightning cable and 30-pin connector project



iPhone docking station POP on Kickstarter earlier this year raised money enough, but the makers now feel compelled to all donors their money back. It would not be possible for the device tp be produced, because since Apple refuses to approve  third party Lightning connections . Apple would not want a Lightning port  used on a device that also has other connections – even if those connections are the Apple’s 30-pin connection.

Although subsequent revisions of the POP also made ​​use of USB connections, the first plan to the accessory was to provide just two Lightning cables and two 30-pin cables. The charging station was still on the market may come as the four times a 30-pin cable were used and two Lightning adapters supplied, but this would become too expensive.

Kickstarter supporters thru Christie Side road fund their a refund. The authors make this loss on the iPhone accent: that they had 5 p.c of the proceeds payable to Kickstarter and three p.c to provide credit score prices, no longer simply cash they may be able to get again. On the other hand, they Kickstarter requested to nonetheless obtain their share.

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