As we reported last week , Apple officially announced the program to replace / repair damaged iPhone 5c displays in their retail stores . Preparation for this was carried out last autumn . Apple took some time to create the necessary reserves for replacement displays , which have already been sent to the Apple Store with a calibration technique.

Prior to this, users were given a new device to replace faulty ( damaged screen ) that were sent to repair with the subsequent sale of the note «Refurbished». From today repair service iPhone 5c displays will be provided at the Apple Store for all regions of the world , excluding Hong Kong and Canada. The cost of replacing the display iPhone 5c ( without contract warranty ) is $150 . The repair process takes about an hour .

It should be noted that the program of repair service display iPhone 5s is still at an early stage , although its action in the future , too, is supposed to extend to all the company’s stores . However , Apple now offers repair with replacement of other components of both models and iPhone 5c 5s in their shopping centers.

Earlier in the Apple Store had the equipment , which allows professionals to replace the Apple cameras buttons “on” and some controller boards . Clicking on a new way of warranty iPhone and iPad, an American manufacturer expects to save up to $1 billion per year .

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