wwdc-2018-watchos-tvos-macos-iosApple surprised us this afternoon with the launch of a batch of betas, specifically the first beta of iOS 11.4.1, watchOS 4.3.2, macOS 10.13.6 and tvOS 11.4.1 that only They are available for developers. After the release yesterday of the final versions of iOS 11.4, watchOS 4.3.1 and tvOS 11.4 that we thought were the latest updates that we would see from iOS 11, a new round of betas has landed.

Next Monday, apart from the big surprise, we will have the first beta for developers of iOS 12 and that is why we thought that yesterday they had already finished with iOS 11 and its updates, since it is illogical to think that they were going to have developers between two versions of the operating system. Although obviously they would continue to release small security updates if necessary.

The beta of iOS 11.4.1 has a weight of just over 250 MB, and as we read in the update solves operating system bugs.

But our suspicions have failed and since Apple have launched a new batch of betas that are intended to solve security and performance problems and nothing else, but obviously we are already installing them in our devices to see if we see some kind of novelty.

Something to note is that we have not yet seen the final version of macOS 10.13.5 and we have for developers the first beta of macOS 10.13.6, why is Apple running so much? It is possible that this is an express version that will be released after WWDC 2018 and correct some last minute error that you have seen in the software.

Leave us in the comments box about what you think and of course if we see some kind of new features,  we will definitely update this article.

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