Apple launched iTunes Match in Japan



Apple is again expanding the geography of streaming service iTunes Match. Since May 2012 began to use music service residents in some European countries – Italy, Portugal , Austria, Bulgaria and Slovenia. In December, the service opened in Norway, Finland , Sweden and Denmark , and today – in Japan.

Apple introduced iTunes Match in June at WWDC 2011 , and in November, announced the official launch . With it, users can listen to their music on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and Mac and PC remotely. Paying yearly license music lovers the opportunity to store your music library in the cloud.

According to the blog MacRumors, Apple today rolled out iTunes Match in Japan, where the first service was not functioning . Residents of Japan have confirmed the work of service. Probably in the near future the company will report on the geographical expansion of iTunes Match in the official press release. Cost of service subscription service in Japan is 3980 yen.

Owners of mobile gadgets on iOS, residing in the territory of about a hundred countries around the world can subscribe to services that provide streaming music library in any part of the planet. Users are able to re-download the music on stationary machines after they were purchased through the iPhone and iPad, but this is possible only on authorized computers with the latest version of iTunes.

ITunes Match service is not free and costs a different amount for users in different countries. For example, people in the U.S. pay 24.99 dollars a year in Europe – 24.99 euros per year, and in Australia and Canada – $34.99 and $27.99 per year , respectively.

Apple also expanded the geography of service “iTunes in the Cloud”. From today, the possibility of the “cloud” sync movies from the iTunes Store catalog through this service has been available in Germany.

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