Apple launched the beta 6 of watchOS 2.2, tvOS 9.2, and OS X 10.11.4



Apple yesterday released betas of all operating systems. Unlike last week, this time we have seen like all appeared at the same time, and not before the beta of OS X that, in fact, if they appear studs should be the last to appear. Thus, the sixth beta of iOS 9.3 will also have joined the betas sixths of TVOS 9.2, 2.2 and OS X watchOS 10.11.4.


A half an hour of its release, if any prominent new feature in any of the operating systems and we’d know. If you do not know already, it seems unlikely that we find something new that is interesting, so it is logical to think that these new betas have been released to go polishing different operating systems Apple facing the event, if not no surprises, will be held this month and in which we present a new 4-inch iPhone, which currently believe that iPhone will be called SE, and a new model iPad 9.7 inch tablet not Air 3 will be called as all we would thought for weeks, if not iPad Pro as the model presented last October.


All betas are being launched exactly the same days, so its public version should also get the same day. As I also mentioned in the post about the beta of iOS 9.3, Apple has not sent out invitations for the event which is expected on 21 March and is quite strange when you consider that on other occasions sent on a month before. Most likely send invitations at any time, but what if the event is not held in March?

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