Apple launched the iTunes Radio Service


iradio-1Apple has launched a new internet radio – the most ambitious project of cooperation with the music industry with the launch of iTunes Music Store 10 years ago. Presentation of the service took place at the annual developer conference WWDC 2013.

The long-awaited project allows users to listen to Internet music channels like radio, based on their own interests. Radio application is tied to the standard program Music in the iOS-devices to iTunes on Mac and Windows, and set-top box Apple TV.


Among the advantages over similar iTunes Radio – easy to use. Users can create their own “radio station” based on the music track you listened to them. Not pleasant tracks can be skipped, and the like – to buy in the store iTunes.

For music labels suffering from the collapse of the market and the stagnation of CD sales downloadable music on the Internet, ad-supported service is a chance to increase revenues through further promotion of streaming audio into the mainstream through hundreds of millions of users iTunes Store. “Radio” was the first music service, which will broadcast the songs of Led Zeppelin.


For Apple “Radio” is a step to restore their advantage in the segment of digital music and a way to fight off the attack competitors to fill their own iPhone and iPad apps. The service will be free, but those who are not subscribed to iTunes Match, will have to listen to advertisements.

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