Apple filed an official said Friday replacement program for USB cables load-C are included in the purchase of the 12-inch MacBook with  Retina display because of an error detected in the current design.

The company warns in the program, which also extends to the USB-C cables are sold separately, these design errors could cause malfunctions recommend replacing them.

As acknowledged by Apple, a limited number of cables USB-C for the MacBook that were sold from June 2015 have a design error, that would cause the laptop that was connected to suffer intermittent charging process or even she could not charging when it would connect to the mains.

Although it has not gone into detail about the ruling, Apple itself has provided a method to identify these cables capable of causing failures. To do this, you just have to search legend Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China and see if it is accompanied by a serial number. If so, this is the cable subsequently redesigned and no longer show any abnormality, but if the serial number is absent, we would have one of the affected cables.

Apple’s redesigned sent to all potentially affected customers who have purchased the 12-inch MacBook at the Apple Online Store without having to request them cables, but if you have not bought the team in the Online Store or have not registered to welcome us to this program replacement effective until June 8, 2018, either heading to a physical Apple Store or Apple Authorized Provider or to contact Apple Support to request the change here.

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