Apple launches CARDS app for iOS 5


After the unleash of the iOS 5 and iCloud, Apple introduced the discharge of CARDS software within the App Retailer unlock. Which you can have an actual map with you and put together and ship fee straight away out of your iTunes credit score. The benefit over different mapping purposes is that this doesn’t have to return to the opposite, exterior fee strategiesEven inside the borders price to ship a card with Playing cards all the time $2.ninety nine inside the US, and $four.ninety nine internationally.


The new amount is in the order of payments iTunes. Or in an app-app purchases around this price level always consumes  $2.99. This intermediate step was not there yet.Above all, the amount shall be alarmingly high.  

Cards for the application to use it is important that you get to the settings except for the photo album feature location, location consents to the cards themselves. Otherwise the application an error message and you can not photo. Cards has a total of 21 different designs of cards. All of them are rectangular, and the majority of them uses the opportunity to make a picture to work.

If you choose a card design, you get to a screen where you have options for the exterior, interior and the envelope of the map to describe. If you've chosen a card with photo, which you can also select from your photo album or a photo spot. Afterwards you can move and resize that within the frame. The text on the front and back, you can change, but not the font that goes with it. That is part of the design of the card.


Describing the card is not very useful in Cards. The standard text you edit, the screen is very big.Especially if the text is very wide and quickly type, it is difficult to select text for editing. This is because not only moves the cursor from the text, but the camera because so little text in the image. If you have an address and shipping address may have written, are both checked. First you manually specify in which country the address is found, then the app will check whether the address exists. If things go well, you can send the card to the right on the button. That stands in our case is always the price 4.49 euro. If you click, the button changes to "Buy" and is 4.49 euros from your iTunes credit or account number connected depreciated. Obviously the card is sent thereafter.

CARDS app looks neat. Switching between the different sides of the card comes with smooth animations and design of the card itself is not very varied but civilized. As long as the price of sending a card are so high, there are better alternatives on the market. Which we summarized in a recent article on the maps app send SendMe already.

Download: Cards (free)

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