Apple Watch App StoreTomorrow is the big day. The Apple Watch App Store is now available with thousands of applications for early adopters
and many users begin to receive the Apple Watch at home and probably one of the first things to do after putting it on the wrist is to see what applications are available for the device. So far, the App Store’s Watch, part of the application to control the smartwatch introduced in iOS 8.2, showed a message “soon”, but today the company has decided to finally open its doors., and Apple is already preparing the way for everything to be perfect. For starters has launched the App Store for Apple Watch, and also a new firmware via OTA will be the software that runs the Apple Watch.

The App Store is really not own apps store, but the store is normal but Apple applications which find applications that are compatible with the clock, and there and many, all told. The developers know the importance of this first launch time clock and want to be the first to settle on your Apple Watch.  As you can see the look is very similar to normal App Store, but with rounded icons. It is important to remember that there are no own applications for the Apple Watch, but you have to install app on the iPhone and from there an extension is installed on the wearable Apple device.

It has also launched the first version of firmware for Apple Watch OTA. This new software, called by Apple “Watch OS” will be running the clock Apple and is a modified version of iOS 8.2, as occurs with the Apple TV. One detail we have met with this firmware, 38mm watch has the code “Watch1,1” and 42mm “Watch1,2”. It may not be the only changes you have until tomorrow, we will inform you.

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