iOS10-tvOSAfter several weeks and several Betas Apple has decided to launch the definitive and public version of iOS 10.2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The new version of iOS that can now be downloaded from iTunes and from the device itself via updates via OTA is now available for everyone and in addition to some improvements, bug fixes and the incorporation of new features such as new emoji or own funds Of the iPhone 7 includes something that many users have been waiting like May water: improving the battery, one of the major bugs of iOS 10.1.1. We tell you the news that brings this update as well as the download links of it.

iOS-10.2-Messages-Celebration-screenWhat’s new iOS 10.2

In addition to the supposed improvements in performance, bug fixes and more than desired improvement in battery consumption, the new features of this iOS 10.2 can be summarized in:

New wallpapers, seen during the presentation of the new iPhone 7. Many have asked us during the Betas if they were animated, and unfortunately they are not.

  • New emoji as the liar, the face that stirs with laughter or paella
  • New widget for Video application
  • New TV application (not currently available outside the US)
  • New option to keep settings in the camera application, and keep the settings you used last time
  • New option to access the star rating in Apple Music
  • New icon when connecting Bluetooth headset next to battery
  • New accessibility options for the home button
  • New effects in the Messages application
  • New option to sort Music playlists by title, list type or date you added it

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