As we continue with the beta versions released by Apple to improve its operating system iOS 11, in this case we have the beta 5 of iOS 11.2.5 for developers on the table. Just 2 days ago the fourth beta of this version was released and without time to breathe we have the fifth one, and a final version with the security patch for Specter was also released officially.

It really seems more the acceleration of a racing car going up gears more than the launches themselves to correct the problems of the iOS operating system. In any case the developments in this version for developers that is also available for those who are enrolled in the public betas program, adds several improvements in Siri and the typical bug fixes.

Everything indicates that the innovations and improvements implemented in the Siri assistant, would be directly related to improve the operation once the HomePod is launched, that intelligent speaker of the Cupertino boys, who will use the assistant to answer our questions and help us in some situations .

In any case, it makes us think that Siri needs a lot to reach the level of the rest of the attendees that the competition has, the good as I always say, the Castilian language that the rest do not have yet. But for this it is necessary that Apple releases it officially, so we are going to focus on the devices that we have and we will leave the rest for when it arrives.

In this case the beta version can also be downloaded from the public betas program and for this the only thing you have to do is use your Apple ID if you are not registered before or update directly from the Settings via OTA.

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